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Issue#3 - December's Full Moon - Healing Through Many Avenues

Welcome to Lunesence, a free ezine on living mythology, archetypal psychology, the divine feminine, soulwork & related topics. I want to thank you for subscribing to this 'zine.

Soulwork can be seen as a system for personal development, but it's also a new therapeutic school that relates to paradoxical psychotherapy and modern therapeutic thinking, as well as to traditional Polynesian philosophy Huna. Please visit Soulwork and Soulwork Institutes International to learn more about soulwork & Polynesian Huna healing.

About the Holidays
I will be flying to the East Coast in a few weeks to visit my parents & brothers & celebrate Christmas with them. I've spent many holidays without any family & it was difficult watching others celebrate & seeing the entire town shut down. As Charlie Brown said in his Christmas Special after not receiving any Christmas cards in his mailbox, "I know no one likes me, why do we have to have holidays to emphasize it?!" I just want to say that I empathize with those of you who are not celebrating the holidays with anyone this year, and who feel sad and a feeling of not belonging. I'll be thinking about & praying for those of you who are feeling alone this month. I've come to realize we all do belong to a greater spiritual community, whether we get along with our blood families or not. The Winter Solstice is also a great time of reflection and turning inward while everything outside darkens...

I have no control over what my family does - every year they buy a huge dead fir tree from one of those lots that have lots of fir and spruce wrapped up in ropes and nailed to wooden x bases... I've had an ethical problem with this practice since I was a teenager. At home, in California, my boyfriend and I are buying a small (2 to 3 foot) living evergreen in a pot. We share a decent-sized apartment and could have a large tree, but I find the killings of these trees for one month of celebrations to be abysmal. First off, trees are living creatures, and I very strongly feel the importance of walking as lightly as possible on the earth. I feel unnecessary violence is horrifying, but is normalized within American and Western society. Secondly, the U.S. people have decimated and leveled over 80% of their forests - only 3% of old growths are left. I realize that most evergreens are raised on farms, but our European-American ancestors cleared the forests for all these farms.

According to one site, "the first Yule trees were born when pagans went into the forests during the winter solstice to give offerings to evergreens....The pinea silva or sacred pine groves that were attached to pagan Roman temples also pre-figured the Christmas tree. On the night before a holy day, Roman priests called "tree- bearers" cut one of the sacred pines, decorated it, and carried it into the temple." So Northern European pagans made their offerings underneath living trees that stayed put in the forest. Pagan Romans sacrificed ONE tree for their sacred temple which belonged to the community. Not until fairly recently did people hole up in their tiny family units, taking a tree for a few individuals' pleasure. Furthermore, the evergreen tree symbolizes everlasting life - as everything else was dying and brown and leafless during the dark winter days, the evergreen trees were the only things still green & leaved. It's ironic that these symbols of everlasting life are thrown out onto the curbs a few days or a few weeks after Christmas, to be picked up by the city sanitation trucks and shredded into piles of woodchips... I'm sure some people are less wasteful & chop the tree into pieces of firewood if they have the opportunity, but I grew up watching the tragedy of the throw-away, disposable American mentality. The sacred so quickly becomes the desecrated.

Mark and I scoured our town before we found living trees that were large enough for us - they aren't as readily available as tall, dead evergreens. We finally found a bunch in the $20 range at our local food co-op. I am really excited about becoming part of a tradition that is modified to suit the new times we are living in. I'm excited to bring a new life into our home, decorate it, cherish it, encourage its growth. This tree will become a living member of our household, and every year it will have its special day. This makes it that much more of an enriching experience to choose it and decorate it. I'm thrilled about this life not being one more thing that is something to throw away.

These site talks about the Winter Solstice and the various Pagan traditions and ancestral celebrations: and

I want to wish you all a happy holiday season, whichever religion you celebrate, or if you celebrate none, a relaxing break & an insightful Winter Solstice.

Book of the Month:
Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C.

If there is ever a book I refer to again and again when I am not feeling well or have some physical challenge, this is it. Prescription for Nutritional Healing is Western in its foundation, although it doesn't encourage typical synthetic Western pharmaceuticals. In various sections, the book explains how various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs and natural food supplements work, and which are best to take in combination. Balch reviews wholistic lifestyles & alternative treatments such as fasting, juicing, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, preparing for & recovering from surgery. The bulk of this virtual encyclopedia is focused on ailments and disorders - everything from Acne and Age Spots to Wrinkling of the Skin and Yeast Infections is described in detail. Symptoms are explained, as is other possible causes for the symptoms. Nutrients & herbal remedies are suggested to help put the individual back into a state of balance, and the nutrients are categorized into very important, important and helpful. Many helpful recommendations and considerations are added at the end.

Although Prescription for Nutritional Healing does not delve into detail about preventative care & healthy choices so that you don't get sick, it is a thorough reference book for when you do. It's many insightful suggestions have helped me & my loved ones through insomnia, colds, fevers, hypoglycemia, eye troubles, backaches and allergies. I've given a copy of the book to several family members & "in-laws" and they always value and appreciate it. Prescription for Nutritional Healing is a classic when it comes to educating ourselves about our well-being & taking responsibility for our good health.

Copies of the book can be found at Amazon for $15.96 and Powell's for $19.95.

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Featured Essay: Huna, Healing and Ohana
by Martyn Carruthers

Huna is a Hawaiian word for "hidden" and refers to the philosophy and methods used by pre-Christian Hawaiian mystics and healers. An older Hawaiian word was ho'omanamana meaning "creating life force."

Ohana is the Hawaiian word for community, usually referring to a village community. The old Hawaiians developed their mystic rituals and their healing techniques for the health and harmony of ohana. Here I attempt to describe ohana life. But first - relax, take a deep breath, and imagine another time and place - imagine to go back in time ... many years ... to a small Hawaiian village where...

We live together in a small community surrounded by a mysterious world and an endless sea. We have known each other since birth, and most of us are related. We believe we are descended from the same gods. We know the best qualities of every person in our ohana, and we know their problems. Our highest goal is that we survive in harmony. Our basic wisdom is Aloha, which literally means, "we share life's breath" - and we share most things. Aloha is our guiding principle to live together in harmony. Aloha includes that we accept and acknowledge each person in our community. Forgiveness (kala) is an important part of our daily rituals.

We recognize and thank our ancestors (kupuna), our gods (akua) and our guardian spirits (aumakua) for all that we enjoy. We each have a guardian spirit and each personal spirit is part of the ohana guardian spirit (po'e aumakua) that guides our community. Sometimes we ask our ancestors or guardian spirits for help, and they often visit us in dreams.

We have wise elders (kahuna) to help and guide us. We want harmony amongst ourselves, with nature, with other tribes and with the spirit worlds. Our chiefs (ali'i) are our wisest and bravest warriors, they represent stability and order within our ohana.

Our daily life is our religion; so we use many rituals to guide and help ourselves. We are careful not to offend spirits, instead we try to please them. Our elders help us by telling us what is right and what is forbidden (kapu). We need life-energy (mana) for all actions. We create this life-energy (ho'omana) by living right. We use special rituals to create our highest energy (ho'omanamana) for special tasks of healing and power, with the guidance of our elders.

We respect our elders as the keepers of our wisdom and as the teachers of our children. Our elders teach us chants (mele) that contain our wisdom, and we must carefully learn them. Our elders may also choose children with special talents to be trained to become a kahuna-experts.

We make our essentials, or trade for them, but we build canoes and buildings together. We often hunt and work together, and we can communicate very well without words. We are very sensitive to details and know who has been in a place, or whether strangers have passed by. Our navigator-kahunas know every star and every current. On cloudy nights, away from land, they can even navigate by tasting the sea water!

A disease shows an imbalance in our ohana. Perhaps the diseased person has offended a family member, an ancestor or a spirit. We heal disease with herbs and forgiveness rituals (ho'oponopono) and the hidden knowledge (huna) of our healer-experts.

We need to be accepted and acknowledged by other ohana members. If we invite you into our ohana, we have some simple rules: Do not insult anybody - instead, respect our traditions. Do not violate our taboos - instead join us in our rituals. Do not make the spirits angry, but work with us in harmony with each other, and in balance with nature.

We believe that we are the true humans. You are civilized, and perhaps to you we are ignorant savages. But we can teach you how to live in harmony with each other and how to find your balance with nature and with the universe. There are very few of us left, so many of us have been lost to the diseases of mind, body and spirit that accompany your civilization. We are exhausted - and we are nearly extinct. This is sad, because our planet needs our love and our respect. We struggle to exist in the remote parts of the world that you do not want. But perhaps you can help us to come back!

Our heritage is harmony and balance. Your heritage is technology and information. Can you imagine bringing these together with a love of life and a love of living? Perhaps we can learn to live together to create a global ohana. It is not yet too late.

About Martyn Carruthers: After a career in health physics he turned to accelerated learning and expert modeling. This lead to modeling the psychotherapeutic aspect of healing rituals used by native healers in Hawaii, to find an effective methodology for working with psychosomatic disease. Martyn now teaches Huna healing and Soulwork coaching. More in-depth articles about Polynesian Huna healing & soulwork by Martyn Carruthers are available at: Human Consciousness and Decision-Making, Soulwork and Soulwork Institutes International. Please email Martyn at: 

Website of the Month: The Arts & Healing Network
In the beginning, art didn't exist for itself, as a hobby or for monetary barter. Art was magic. Art was ritual. Art was a religious experience, sometimes done as necessary prayer for the community, sometimes done as part of a healing ceremony for an individual. After centuries of very secular art, creative artists are again honoring the very healing presence & necessity that artistic processes bring to the individual & community. Art - both process and product - is a way for the creative artist to bring themselves back in touch with the "Source" as well as bring their audience & community closer to that rejuvenating "Source" from which all of life flows. The Arts & Healing Network is dedicated to celebrating the connection between arts and healing. Their focus is their Web site which serves as an international resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art, especially environmentalists, social activists, artists, art professionals, health care practitioners, and those challenged by illness. Their hope is that the information presented will educate and inspire. offers many resources, such as links to related artists, organizations, books, videos & audio tapes, resources & grants for artists, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, classes, workshops, call for entries, and a bulletin board so that artists & organizations interested in the arts & healing can stay in touch, post messages, and be a part of a growing community & movement.

Quote of the Month: John Fire Lame Deer
"A medicine man shouldn't be a saint. He should experience and feel all the ups and downs, the despair and joy, the magic and the reality, the courage and the fear, of his people. He should be able to sink as low as a bug, or soar as high as an eagle. Unless he can experience both, he is no good as a medicine man." - John Fire Lame Deer

Updates on aquafemina
It's been a busy few months. The site is now credit-card enabled, and I have posted many of my finished writings up on the fiction page. There are a few new paintings up. The hybrids/mixed media gallery is also finished.


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