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Medium: Acrylic, Texture Mediums, Gloss, Varnish
Dimensions: 24" x 24"
Date: March 2003

I started this painting long ago but left it alone because I didn't have the space for awhile to paint with acrylics. I became inspired again and finally finished it. There wasn't much more to do but outline and give it some varnishes and drips. Some of the textures in different parts of the painting are really luminously mesmerizing. I really enjoy sifting through the different textures and staring at it. That was much of how I painted it, getting lost in it while playing various ethereal music cds, lighting incense and looking at my colorful spiritual altar from time to time. The painting is coated over with several layers of UV resistant, non-yellowing, glossy varnish.

About Fairies:
Lore of fairies, faeries, or fay/fey are abundant in many cultures throughout the world. Fairies are nature entities endowed with the powers of magic and enchantment. They go by various names in a variety of cultures - in Greek they are nymphs, in Arabic they are the djinn or jinni (genie), the Scandanavians have trolls, the Germans elves and the British pixies. Sometimes they are also known as brownies. They can be good or demonic, but typically they are mischievious and live in the natural world, such as meadows and forests. If you are lucky, they may even enchant your garden. The fairy religion was also known as the Goddess religion in Europe. Morgan le Fay was also known as Morgan the Fairy, and the Isle of Avalon and her part of the Arthurian legend was one of the last vestiges of Goddess worship.

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