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Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 11" x 8.5"
February 2003

I wanted to create a dragon that was fluid in its watery world. Flowing through seastars, this dragon does not have the typical claws that other dragons have, although he does have the fangs and teeth and scaly back. I imagine this dragon has good camouflage in the sea, since its legs are much like seaweed and its coloring of the ocean.

About Dragons:
Dragons are the angels of the Orient. Everything that touches them is blessed - dragons are beautiful, wise & benevolent. Unlike the dragons of the West, the Eastern Dragons are adored & worshipped. Many shrines and temples have been created in honor of dragons, for it is they who control the movement of rivers, oceans, lakes & rain. Most of these temples & shrines are near the water, because that is where most Eastern Dragons live.

In Feng Shui and Asian philosophies, all the the twists and curves in streams and rivers are water dragons' bodily twists and curves. There are also elemental dragons: earth/mountain dragons, water dragons, sky dragons, metal dragons, and fire dragons.

In my perception, the dragon symbolizes power and motion. Not power over another or power that is not rightfully someone's, but the power one feels while one is dancing and letting go, or the power when one is actually working on their dream, or the power of feeling at one with the world.

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