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a-1 sauce it's good. dad likes it. and he likes the lick of mom. the taste sweet, the sweet sorghum taste of mom, after she come. He licks her down in the bedroom and the tv light flaring up and down, he likes the taste of mom. my dad he likes to cum cum cum, he likes the taste of mom, sweet rose hip feeling of a tea he never had before, sweet far-off fragrance, he like the taste of mom, cumcumcum, my dad he likes the taste he likes the taste, under the sheets and pillows on the floor, he likes the taste.

- can you hear? is mary asleep? -

- I don't know. don't wake them up. -

no more children she says and he has to come out. come out cum, he likes the taste of mom.

© 1990 - 2003 Katharina Woodworth

fantasy art