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gore or nader
love or fear
shrink the world
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Life is very simple: you make choices out of fear and choices out of love. When we vote Gore because we are afraid of the alternative, we vote out of fear. When we vote Nader because the Green Party actually works and cares about us, our well-being, the future, the interconnectedness of life, we vote out of love.

I am also afraid of Bush winning. I think things will get really, really bad. I'm also veRy ecologically-concerned, and I know he will open up the Arctic tundra to more oil dredging, which I doN't want, but I think people will wake up from the horror of their daily lives & how our planet is going down the tubes and will get sick of it & want real change. At least, that is my faith in people's innermost intelligence. I think more & more people are waking up to the fact their lives don't work. It's the 100th monkey.

I think what's important is not the immediate present as much as the future. I want a Green Party candidate to eventually gain presidency. I want Green Party in the Congress. I mean, really, what is the difference between the Democrats & Republicans? It's a very thin line & it's not working.

I don't want Bush to win, but maybe that is the catalyst America needs to wake up. I'm not particularly into Gore being in office for the next 4 years either. We have to start having more choices. Democrat or Republican, it's still status quo. Things will be kept the same for women with a Democrat in office, but will they really get much better? What is their track record? Democrats are still pretty resistant to real change.

I've given past elections my fear. This year, I'm voting out of love.

© 1990 - 2003 Katharina Woodworth

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