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In my country, women hate each other. In my country, women hate all women - even their own daughters. In my culture, mothers destroy their daughter's hope, under the guise of protection. In my country, mothers hate their daughters and wish they were sons. In my culture, mothers hate their daughters-in-law, because they might take their precious sons away. In my country, women live through men. In my country, women have dreams but corner their men to carry them out. In my country, a woman's accomplishment is loading a dishwasher. In my country, a woman should be pregnant. In my culture, a woman should seal her lips if her husband loves another. In my country, the fire in a woman is silent - the rage flashes only through her eyes. In my country, older women want the young ones to be clones, but even that is not enough. In my country, women collect and buy things until they have no more space to move around in.

© 1990 - 2003 Katharina Woodworth

fantasy art