short story
october night
red lantern
our picnic
because you left
nature isn't clean
sewing in sadness
fantasy art






By the docks
outside Otter Lodge
where fir boughs and pebbles
meet the lake,
a dark descends,
blackens the horizon -
except the eye of the red lantern
and the animal whoops and glasses tinkling,
the human chatter and dance and mingling
from the square, squatted cabin.

A hush by the lapping tide
where the red lantern swings
above a rough, wooden pier.
A loon waddles in shadow
of the dock's round, splintered logs.
A trumpet bellows, languidly,
knotting its notes
like a dyad's many fingers
enmeshed -
its echo lost in the water.

© 1990 - 2003 Katharina Woodworth

fantasy art