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I wasn't the one to receive the longest stick. Mary had many offers, better offers than me. It was a funny thing, that I was there at the Temple that day. I wasn't looking for marriage. I had an ok business. Those who hired me, trusted me. I was respected. But rich I was not. Mary's dowry was fine. But I am so proud. I didn't like to think my income was bettered by a marriage. I simply wanted no part of it. And what happened. ....

I was good friends with all those at the temple that day. Especially Samuel, he who picked the longest stick. All of us were childhood pals. I loved them. But, you know how everyone sees you if you are unmarried too long,. The risk of temptation is great, they say, look at all these beautiful buds, why wouldn't you want to pick one of them? They will make fine wives, people say. They are obedient and kind and will bring you many children.

© 1990 - 2003 Katharina Woodworth

fantasy art