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The Christmas tree lights burned with desire, and then they sang to each other about their only cause: their undying love for the Christ. "We love Him, so we do, and this is why we burn, and burn up we will." But Monkey sitting in the tree did not believe them and set about to test the candles' faith.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle; you're all in a pickle!" Monkey scratched at the candles' long hair, the wick. "Ha ha ha, hee hee hee!" the candles couldn't stop laughing. They toppled over one another, the wax spilled everywhere, and they melted. Because of this, thought the candles, Monkey was evil and the Opposer of all life.

But a single candle, a very young one, put on his jacket and went outside in the snow. There he met Jackrabbit, who said: "Candle, if you ever want to join me in my escapades, please do. Though you are small, you are the only candle that escaped." Then Jackrabbit turned and Candle followed him home.

When Candle entered Jackrabbit's lair, Jackrabbit said, "I've been waiting to give something to you." Jackrabbit shuffled around and displayed a match, which he lit. The match screamed, but Jackrabbit smothered its mouth with his paw. "There," said Jackrabbit as he flamed Candle's top. "You may stand guard and warm me." Then Jackrabbit nestled into some straw and dead leaves and shut his eyes, while Candle burned faithfully beside him. Candle wanted to rest, but was afraid to waken Jackrabbit. After a few hours, he also fell asleep.

Candle awoke to many shouts. The rabbit-hole was afire and Jackrabbit was catching flames onto different patches of his fur. "Quick, Candle, put out this fire!" Candle jumped onto the flame to stop it, but all the wax around his wick melted. In the morning, nothing was left of Jackrabbit's nest but a pile of wax and ashes.

© 1990 - 2003 Katharina Woodworth

fantasy art