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There once was a girl and her name is Begonia. She likes to build things with hammer and nails, but she never really built anything; she just nails posters onto her walls and hammered broken boards onto her floor. She liked the sound it made; it is fun. Then Begonia licked a stamp once to put on a postcard for a friend. She liked the taste of that so she got another stamp and put this one on the postcard too.

When she went to the post office the postmaster said, "That's too many stamps. You only need one of those for a postcard."

So Begonia said, "but I like stamps but I don't always have a place to put them."

"Keep them in your wallet," the postmaster said.

Begonia skipped away and said, "You can always put them on your nose."

Begonia bought many packs of stamps then and blank postcards but didn't have anyone to send them to except her friend Celia. She started them all "Dear Celia," but then she stopped writing because there is nothing new to say.

Besides, Begonia had many packs of stamps and no postcards left. She is afraid to put more stamps on the postcards she already had because the postmaster might laugh at her again, so Begonia put some on her nose.

Begonia likes the stamps so much she plastered them onto the wall in her room. Some of them fell down and then Begonia would cry. She picks up her hammer and nailed the ones that fell from the wall. "There, now you'll never disobey me again." The stamps cried because they had been pierced through the heart, and then Begonia cries because she had killed so many. She never knew they were alive. She kissed the crucified stamps and then she kissed the ones that loved and obeyed her.

And Begonia did not buy any more stamps after that because instead she likes to pick up rocks. It is fun.


Published in The Dream People, November - December, 1999

© 1990 - 2003 Katharina Woodworth

fantasy art