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fantasy art




who am I?
I'm Katharina Woodworth... I'm a Libra sun/Aquarius moon/Leo rising born in October (I'll never tell you my age but I'm blessed to look a lot younger than my years). My numerological numbers are primarily 9s (the healer/artist/idealist) and 7s (the hermit/visionary). I'm an xNFP (the healer/idealist) with a tendency towards the I. And an Enneagram 4 (the romantic/artist). More about me? Check out my muse page or my longer bio.

what is aquafemina?
aqua (Latin: aak'-wah) = water
femina (Latin: feh mih' nah) = the feminine, woman or female.

"The essential symbol of the feminine has long been water, aqua femina." - excerpt from Angeles Arrien's newly released book, The Nine Muses: A Mythological Path to Creativity.

I changed my business name from Mythica Art & Vision (which later transmuted to Art & Vision) to Aquafemina because I felt it was more appropriate to my writing and art style and purpose. Art & Vision is now going to be my graphic design, photography, web design and art repping business, in which I will collaborate with other people. Click to see my designs, photography, and web design work. I began my business in 1999.

contact me
My address is: Katharina Woodworth, PO Box 870, Eureka, CA 95502. My email is . Email me and I can give you my phone number, if necessary.

what is this?
This is from a Chinese chop, or seal. The Chinese used to sign their art (and sometimes still do) with a handcarved stamp.

I remember studying an artist from the turn-of-the-century who signed all his works with a stamp inscribed with the Chinese character for butterfly. Cherry Sweig signs her work with a variety of Chinese chops. The first character in mine means "water." The other characters mean "girl." In Taiwanese, the characters together means "beautiful girl who lives by the water." In other translations, it simply means "water girl." In Chinese tradition, females have their stamps carved so the characters are carved out and the ink goes on the border. Males have the characters stick out but the area around it in the negative, so that it is the characters that gets ink.

You will find my seal on the artist statement on the backs of my prints and perhaps in the future, on my paintings themselves.

image use
I've always been more than happy to loan out my images and writings to anyone who asked. You may use art found here for non-commercial purposes so long as:

1. The images are not altered in any way (well, resizing/cropping is fine).
2. Credit is given on your site.
3. The image links back to aquafemina at
4. You email me regarding it at . (I like to see where it goes and it's nice to know you :-) )

Please don't steal these images or offer them as free clip art. It's really hard to make a living as an artist and it's just bad karma!

All images and text herein are copyright © 1990 - 2003 - Katharina Woodworth and aquafemina. It's bad karma to steal artwork & writing someone worked hard for! Please don't.

websites I've been published in
Speaking of all this theft - there have been several respectful individuals who have contacted me and asked permission to use my images or writings. I've never denied anyone. Here are some of the places I'm published in on the web:

paintings at wild speculation gallery
paintings at the byregion network
paintings at epilogue
paintings and photos at fairie word weavers
articles at
paintings at
paintings at elfwood
paintings at fairy dust fantasy art gallery
black madonna article in the unbroken circle
paintings at nemo's utopia - katharina's world
who is artemis? article at the artemis arrow
photographs at the new group of world servers may 2001 issue - the feminine principle
pagan ecards at
paintings at emily's site
artemis: her many faces at
grounding: getting back to ground zero at spirit one webzine volume 54 on january 15, 2003

where I've been published in print
Here's a list of some of the places I've been published in print:

several illustrations through storyhouse coffee
the goddess and the snake - the artemis arrow, april/may 2001
aphrodite got a bad rap - the artemis arrow, february/march 2001
the black madonna - the artemis arrow, december 2000 - january 2001
artemis: her many faces - the artemis arrow, october/november 2000

image quality on this site
The image quality throughout this site is not as good as my printed material. For one, I need to keep the images optimized for faster download times. Two, the ©2002 Katharina Woodworth and that are on each and every picture are NOT printed on my prints and cards. I have put those on so that if my images are stolen, at least there is some credit to myself and this site. I also kept the image sizes smaller for faster download times. You can zoom in to further detail now, and get a better idea of what the print looks like in person. However, even the zoom quality is not as good as the print quality. I always offer refunds, so if you do not like the print quality, you can always return it. I've never had a dissatisfied customer though.