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I donate 10% of profits to causes for animals, Mother Earth and women. Some donations have gone to Miranda's Animal Rescue in Fortuna, CA and flood victims in Mozambique. All proceeds - not just profit - which means I donate the cost of materials & labor and you donate your payment) from sales of The Extinction go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization dedicated to the elephants and other wildlife of Kenya. Daphne Sheldrick runs a compassionate haven & orphanage for elephants, rhinos, zebras & other wildlife that find their way to her door.

Helping to make the world a better place has always been very dear to me and has been a primary motivator in why I started the business aspect of my art and writing. I have been hoping to carve out a living with my art so I can use my free time to do more activism and volunteer work, instead of working a day job and painting as a "hobby". I plan on creating a site for the elephants, and maybe additional sites, where artists and others donate related products to help raise money for various pet causes.

Here is my breakdown of who I have donated to:

4.28.2003 - $120 in prints to Pets Alive for their eBay auction.
4.26.2003 - $105 in prints to Westhaven Center for the Arts for their Spring Fund Raiser ("Spring Fling") held on April 27th from 3 to 7 pm, and $80 in prints to a fundraiser for an orphanage in Grenada.
2/2003 - $95 in prints to Pets Alive for their eBay auction.
2/2003 - $95 in prints to the Animal Adoption Network for their eBay auction.
12/2002 - $20 from the sales of The Extinction to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
11/2002 - $100 in prints to The Goddess Temple.
4/2001 - $105 in prints to the Dubois Area Catholic Schools (the Central Christian High School and the Central Christian Middle School) for their art auction to raise funds to send kids to school.
6/2000 - $200 to Miranda's Animal Rescue in Fortuna, CA.
11/1999 - $25 to flood victims in Mozambique (I can't remember which organization and it was so long ago I think I through out the files).