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fantasy art




I have cards now - they are printed on glossy stock paper and are 5x7 inches. I also have card boxes, which include a selection of ten cards. The envelopes are made with 100% post-consumer waste. That means they are 100% recycled, use almost no chemicals to break down the fibers (since they were already paper in their previous state) and are helping to deal with our enormous amounts of waste. They are also completely chlorine-free.

My prints are giclee (pronounced "zee-clay") prints, which in French means "to spray ink." The images are scanned and then digitally stored in a computer and sent directly to a high-resolution inkjet printer. The technology provides incredible detail and brilliant color. The resolution is actually higher than traditional lithographs or serigraphs. Prints are made with professional Kodak photo paper, which is glossy & acid-free and the highest quality photo paper available. All unframed prints are backed with solid acid-free board and are permanently protected with fitting polypropylene bags that are also acid-free. Because everything is acid-free, you could theoretically keep the print in its protective plastic bag for decades, without getting it framed. Just please don't place your prints in direct sunlight so it stays better protected. All the prints are personally signed by me. The ©2002 Katharina Woodworth and that are on each and every picture on the site are NOT printed on my prints and cards. I have put those on so that if my images are stolen, at least there is some credit to myself and this site.

Below are photos of prints in their packaging, to give you an idea of what they look like. Many people have expressed to me how professional my prints look, in both the plastic bags and behind the glass and frames. Many have also said how my prints are so much more than what they saw online. And the quality of the prints is so good that people who have seen my originals and my prints could not tell them apart! Don't be fooled by the quality of the images on this site. The computer is limited to 72 dots per inch, while I print in the thousands of dots per inch. Plus, all the images on this site are optimized for faster download times. I back my items with a full refund, so you risk nothing in purchasing.

Back of the large-sized Running Dragon print in a polypropylene bag.

Front of a large-sized Running Dragon print with a white, acid-free sturdy backboard (Crescent board), protected by a polypropylene bag.

Medium-sized Ascending Fairy with a white, acid-free backboard in an acid-free polypropylene bag.

framed images
All framed images have 4 to 5.5 inches of mat space (more than most artists use, which adds to an elegant look). They are framed with black acid-free mat board and sturdy, black aluminum Nielsen frames. If you want to custom order a mat color/frame color you just need to contact me and I'll be happy to oblige. I charge nothing extra if you want a white mat board, but I charge $5 extra if you want a different mat color (so long as it's available) with the black frame and $15 extra if you want a different mat & different frame color.

All the prices listed on the order form are for prints of the paintings. If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, please contact me.

commissioned work
Occasionally I do custom orders. You will have to contact me to work out the details. I charge 50% up front, although for larger projects, I can break the payments up into thirds. No two images will be alike and you will have a one-of-a-kind original. Below is a cd rom case I painted for a friend.

switchplates, clocks, magnets and jewelry
I'm going to be offering these items in the near future.

mugs, tshirts, sweatshirts, mouspads and hats
I'm going to be offering these items in the near future, through CafeShops.

There are no photographs on this site, however I sell photographs at my Art & Vision site.

There are no designs on this site, however I showcase my designs on my Art & Vision site.

web design
There is no web design portfolio on this site, however I showcase my web design on my Art & Vision site. I also am open to designing your website.

This is a commissioned work I did for someone - painting on computers.