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It's interesting that Sojourner Truth compares herself to men, saying, "I have as much muscle as any man..." and because she is "like a man", she should have the right to vote. What is still too prevalent in the feminist movement is the move for women to be like men. I think women have had to do this in order to gain some of their power back, but their only true power lies in being powerful women. I don't want to be like a man - I don't like men or masculine values particularly - and I don't want women to have to sacrifice power if they want to be "like women." I don't want to sacrifice power in order to be what I feel natural and comfortable within. At the present day, I still feel I must act "masculine" if I am to be respected, if I am to have any power in the outside world at all. Women's values and strengths MUST be cherished! It's time for the feminine. The masculine is not all that admirable for women to give up everything that is dominant within them.


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