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Annika von Holdt - Digitally-manipulated images that are dark, haunting, breathtaking.
Art Beyond the Boundaries - Nouveau Photographique - Serene & sensuous photographs by Elena Trujillo-Spice. A real visual treat!
The Art of Stephen Krasner - Haunting symbolic art. Clean design & sense of space.
Bella Lumina - Beautiful art glass.
Bright Creations - Art original watercolor prints, cards, and bookmarks by artist Nancy Bright.
The Birth of the Soul - Limited edition mythological art prints.
David Ho - Truly phenomenal figurative symbolic dark illustrations. David Ho is a master.
Deva Luna Studio - Beautiful feminine mystical visionary artwork by Krista Lynn Brown.
Eloryia RA - Visionary angel paintings and more!
Enchanted Art - Goddesses, fairies & characters from medieval legends by Jessica Galbraith.
Fantasy Art Statues by Marilyn Radzat - Intricate, rich, whimsical & incredible statues. I've never seen anything like them before.
Farschian - Mahmoud Farschian's beautiful, ethereal, intricate spiritual paintings influenced by traditional Middle Eastern art.
Galactic Mandala - Very colorful, spiritual, beautiful art influenced by Tribal Aboriginal, Mayan, Native American, Polynesian and Earth Goddess veins by Peter Eglington.
Galerie Sublimatio - Esoteric figurative work in the same vein as William Blake, by A. Andrew Gonzalez.
Genvish Parallel-Drawn Bible - Primitive, Keith Haring-like illustratrions that reveal the stories, legends and mystery of the Old & New Testament by Eugene Vishnevsky.
Helen Nelson Reed - Intricate & colorful watercolors of goddesses.
Jennifer Bernard - The 'Painter of Dreams' official site. Contemporary artist of the fantastic & visionary.
Joseph Platzer - Indoor & outdoor sculptures, paintings & statuettes inspired by mystical & magical pursuits.
Judy Chicago - Radiant feminist imagery by one of the pioneers of sacred feminine art.
Julie Higgins - Bright pastels of goddesses in an almost Diego Rivera style. Beautiful.
Lisa Iris - Gorgeous, photo-realistically painted mythical, astrological and goddess motifs in vivid, dazzling color.
Lunaea Weatherstone - Features unusual & provoking tarot cards made out of collage, as well as an admirable collection of descriptions of the many faces of the Goddess.
Lynne French - Beautiful, mythical motifs of watercolor on gessoed tissue paper. Original technique. One of my favorite artists ever.
Kashi Sacred Art - Semi-abstract interpretations of the Goddess and of Creation. Personal River Readings in which you send in your birth creation and Ma Jaya paints and begins puja (prayers for you). Beautiful website.
Kelly McLain - Archetypal sculptures with a freshness & spontaneity.
Kris Waldherr - Creator of The Book of Goddesses, her inspired website will lead you to more myths and ethereal illustrations. A free, online Goddess Tarot.
Meer Image - Offers beautifully handcrafted fine art rubber stamps designed and made by Steven Vander Meer in Arcata, California USA.
Merchant of Venice - Wild and exquisite hand-sculpted fine leather masks by award-winning artist, costumer and mask-maker Cheryl Mandus.
Mystical Paintings of Rassouli - Ethereal, otherworldly oil paintings inspired by Rumi, a Near Eastern Sufi poet.
Mystical Images - Divinely inspired ethereal angels, gods & goddesses, faeries, elementals, devas, nature spirits and more ready to lead you "Through the Looking Glass" and help you find the magic within.
Mythopoeia - These incredible photographs by Suza Scalora will enchant you and take you to another world. Look at her book of faeries for another peek at her work. Or go to her main site,
Rainewalker Studios - Powerful mythological masks by Lauren Raine.
Reinhard Schmid - German Surrealist - This is some of the most incredible artwork I have ever had the fortune to see! It is at once, playful, whimsical, elegant, surreal, absurd & colorful. Reinhard is truly masterful drawing & painting on glass.
Sacred Earth Designs - Jewelry, sculpture and art honoring the sacred feminine.
Sark - Fun, inspirational, whimsical artist who helps bring out the inner child in you.
Sompop Budtarad - Wow! One of my favorite artists ever. His work is incredibly intricate yet fluid. He weaves a fine dance with religious and mythical motifs from his home country of Thailand. Incredibly vivd paintings.
The Sacred Feminine - Ethereal & mystical artwork honoring the Goddess in Her many forms by Montserrat.
Spacescapes - Richly colorful & fluid spiritual digital art by Cecil Herring.
Toadstool Farm Art - Fun and gorgeous illustrations of fairies, dragons, mermaids and more.
Through the Eyes of John Baselmans - A complete artsite with over 250 pages with drawings, information and free stuff.
Whalebone Watercolors - Karla Morreira's incredibly enchanting mermaids, dolphins, fish and more in vivid blues, greens, rich purples and gold. Her work is one of my favorites, ever.
William Winden - Magical watercolors of the Pacific Northwest.
The World of Froud - The official web site of Brian & Wendy Froud.

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