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Access: New Age Directory - All things esoteric & spiritual, occult & metaphysical.
All Things Spiritual Directory - Search engine & directory.
Ariadne Spider - The Pagan search engine.
AvatarSearch - Search engine of the Occult internet.
Energetic Arts Directory - An entire searchable database & category listing of everything holistic & alternative.
Enlightenment.Com - Serving the spiritual and economic needs of individuals and organizations by building a living community of transformation and interaction.
Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base Description - Categorized by history, subject and author, this meta-index integrates text resources with the best online resources. Based upon visitor participation, the Philosophy Research Base serves as both a study guide and a platform for a wide variety of community services for students and teachers in philosophy and related subjects.
Fund For Global Awakening - Facilitates specific projects devoted to this global awakening into our full consciousness and potential.
Healing Resources
Holistic Junction - A community of people interested in all things holistic. Here, you will find what you need; share what you know; discuss what you're not sure about.  Create your own web site, participate in online forums (over 80 categories), peruse the Business Directory, publish your original articles, opinions, artwork, and so much more.
Mind, Body & Soul - Enrichment of the mind, nourishment of the body, upliftment of the soul.
New Age Web Works
NightMoon Pagan Network - Pagan networking and resources.
OmPlace - Conscious Living Directory, Alternative Yellow Pages, Alternative News for Healing Arts, Spirit, Environment and more.
Peace and Harmony - Contains directories to holistic and natural healing, spirituality, visionary artists, green organizations, peace groups, multicultural, kynd sites, and natural pet resources.
Spirit Links - Occult and metaphysical search engine.
The Spirit Search Directory - The spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal directory for the Age of Enlightenment.
SpiritWeb - Promoting spiritual consciousness.
World Transformation - A cornucopia of ideas, resources, connections, information, inspiration and surprises, all aimed at growing, creating or discovering a world that works better for all of us.

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