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Amazons - The history behind the myths.
Argos - Limited area search of the medieval and ancient.
Bullfinch's Mythology
- The Age of Fable or Story of Gods and Heroes by Thomas Bullfinch.
The Center for Story and Symbol - Professional workshops & seminars. Resources in mythological & Jungian studies.
Castlebooks Joseph Campbell Mythology - Articles, interviews, essays and Teacher lesson plans onthe Hero Mythology of Joseph Campbell.
CL Net - Chicano folklore, customs & traditions.
Classical Greek Myths - Indexed ancient stories from the University of Victoria Department of Greek & Roman studies.
The Eleusinian Mysteries - The story of Demeter and her daughter, which was probably the most powerful & popular of all the sacred rites in the ancient Greek world.
Encyclopedia Mythica - An award-winning, comprehensive encyclopedia of world-wide myths.
Exploring Ancient World Cultures - An introduction to ancient cultures on the Internet.
Fairy Tale Art Images - Rackham, Dulac, Segur and more.
Graduate Programs in Mythological Studies
The Greenman - Art, myths and more by Simon Todd.
Hero's Journey
- Guidance in writing your own hero/ine story along the lines of The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell.
Homepage of Korean Folk Tales - Stories and links.
Index of Egyptian Gods & Goddesses
Introduction to the Sami People - Folk arts, history, and more of the Reindeer people of Scandinavia.
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama
- For all things Celtic.
Joseph Campbell Foundation - Read more about this famous mythographer who gifted us with a new vision, and the tools to help us through these chaotic times.
Joseph Campbell Mythology Group - Exploring the world of archetype, myth, & symbol. Chat room too.
Joseph Campbell Festival - Of myth, folklore & story by Keepers of the Lore.
Kay Vandergrift's Snow White Page - Fairy tales and feminism.
Lamhfada - Online magazine of myth & story. Beautiful site & rich content.
Legends - Fairy tales, medieval epics, and more.
Loggia Mythography - Exploring Greek, Roman & Celtic myth & art.
The Magic Web - Mythology and folklore resources & online texts.
Mystic Fire - Joseph Campbell & spiritual videos.
Myth and Culture - Is focused on the myths hidden in contemporary culture. The site includes a great number of
academic papers done in the Mythological Studies Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute and also includes a monthly newsletter.
Mything Links - Lots of links & essays of myths from around the world. Excellent resource.
Mythmedia - A collection of art images relating to Classical mythology.
The Mythological Movie Club - Movies and televisions shows are our cultural dreams and by tending to them, by examining them in a multiplicity of voices
through archetypal or mythological lenses, we can probe and understand the Cultural Psyche.
Mythology - Essays, discussions, links at Suite 101. - A 2 volume CD set of Greek & Roman myth & art.
Myths of the Holy Grail
Myths & Legends - Lots of links & resources to sites on myths and legends.
Mythus - Studies in comparative mythology at the University of Maryland.
Norse Mythology - Resources and links.
Northrop Frye - Canadian author & scholar of twenty books on Western literature, culture, myth and archetypal theory, religion and social thought.
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Realm of the Vague & the Obscure - A collection of Irish and Scottish folktales, medieval romances, epic prose and poetry.
Science Fiction - The New Mythology.
The SurLaLune Fairy Tale Pages - Fairy tale fiction, folklore studies, and more.
Traditional Fairytales - Lang Fairytales, Grimm Fairy Tales & Tales from Around the World
Writer's Magazine - Story and Myth in literature, genres & more.

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